Dining/Living Room

99. Tables

99. This industrial painted metal pipe base is paired with our reclaimed pine for a contrasting top.

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119. Cabinet

119. This 100 year old pantry door from eastern Canada has been repurposed into a functional door on a new cabinet.

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96. Tables

96. This 7′ post and angle dining table has a beautiful old wood top with breadbord ends and matching benches.

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95. Tables

95. This beautiful 12′ long pine table pairs well with it’s matching bench of the same beautiful old wood.

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116. Cabinets

116. This custom built vanity is made of new wood, successfully pairing old architectual elements, original wooden shutters, ball feet, and ornate moldings!

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115. Cabinet

115. This cabinet successfully pairs new wood with antique tin ceiling tiles, and old decorative spindles, with a new application of layered paint and gilding.

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94. Tables

94. This 66″ round custom built round table has an old wood top with a handsome lacquer finish.

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93. Tables

93. New out of our workshop this table measures 60 x 60, with a 1 1/2″ thick new fir top with a nice stain and wax finish.

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