Local Vancouver Made Custom Furniture

Custom Designed & Built Using Reclaimed Wood


Visit Farmhouse today to order specialized custom-built furniture that is unique to your needs. Our custom pieces and stock of furniture are crafted from new and reclaimed woods and beautifully hand-finished. The result is a customer-centered product that is aesthetically pleasing and fully functional for modern day use.


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Our Contemporary, Classic & Modern Country Furniture


We manufacture a wide range of designs, from classic country furniture to urban country and contemporary furniture styles, including contemporary bedroom furniture. Each custom piece is made unique using the customer’s dimensions and choice of finish. Our craftsmen can work from archival drawings to photographs from magazines.


Reclaimed Woods


The woods we use for our furniture are reclaimed from sustainable, local sources. Depending on availability, we carry pine from Eastern Canada, and occasional selections of Maple and Oak. These vintage woods are often salvaged from vintage homes and institutional buildings. We use wood milled over 150 years ago that has been recovered from walls, roof supports and flooring for our custom-built furniture.




Visit our showroom to speak to our sales staff about ordering custom built furniture, or to select from our existing stock of furniture. Our helpful staff will assist you with the design of your project, and guide you through all of the options. Showroom staff emphasize value with respect to each customer’s budget.

Our showroom floor is filled with many examples of styles that can inspire your project. If you find a piece you love among our contemporary furniture pieces in Vancouver, we can recreate the piece, built to your exact preferences. You’ll also be able to preview the final look of our specialized finishes on completed pieces.


Dining/Living Room